Our Favourite At-Home YouTube Workouts

Who said you need a gym membership to get into shape or to try out a new workout? Certainly not us. The last five to eight years have seen a significant change in what exercise looks like. Gone are the days of queuing in line for a treadmill, or feeling intimidated to venture into the weights section at the gym.
Women all around the world are exercising from their homes. If going to the gym is not for you, try one of these at-home YouTube workouts instead.

1. Best Equipment-Free Workout

This is a great workout from MadFit to really get your sweat on. And it’s basically like having a personal trainer doing the hard work with you. Plus, who’s going to judge you if you want to do it in your pyjamas?
We also love these fun short workouts choreographed to songs:

2. Best For Toning Your Arms

You can’t help but feel motivated by the infectious charm of Cassey Ho, who’s Blogilates YouTube community is already 4.3 million subscribers strong. We love her mantra ‘find joy in your movement’, which is something to remember when you start to feel the burn.

3. Best Barre Workout

Embrace your inner-ballerina with this barre routine from POPSUGAR Fitness. Torch kilojoules and pliĆ© your way to a sculpted and toned physique.

4. Best Dance Workout

Get ready for 30 minutes of pure fun with Cassey as you dance away your cares and kilojoules.

5. Best At-Home Boxing Workout

Try this 25-minute cardio-boxing for a fun way to build stamina and tone the whole body.

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